A downloadable game

Tiggy is my prototype of a multiplayer 3d platformer battle royale. It works like a game of tag but instead of passing the tag on, it just spreads to more players until there is only one untagged player then they win.

I developed this prototype mainly to evaluate and learn Unity's DOTS packages (Entities, Physics, Netcode).

Please note that no matchmaking service has been integrated yet and whilst players can connect to others that are hosting there is no NAT-punchthrough or relay servers so ports will have to be correctly forwarded on the host or a virutal LAN service will need to be used.

Also note you can create your own server to play in by selecting host and then click the spawn character button in the top right to create your player.


wasd - run direction
space - jump
control - duck
duck + jump while still - backflip
duck + jump while moving - long jump


Tiggy_v0.3.0.zip 49 MB